Introducing Our Path Forward


Today, Chancellor Salgado released this letter announcing the launch of City Colleges’ strategic framework and college strategic plans:

Dear City Colleges Community & Friends:

As Chancellor of City Colleges, I am pleased to share with you our five-year strategic framework and college strategic plans.

These documents are the product of months of dialogue among faculty, staff, students and partners. I want to thank those of you who contributed your time and ideas to develop these plans.

The plans serve as a north star and a guide for our work over the next several years.
Our strategic planning approach empowered each of our seven colleges to design their own paths forward, leading to a single common vision. Our vision is to be recognized as the city’s most accessible higher education engine of socioeconomic mobility and racial equity – empowering all Chicagoans to take part in building a stronger and more just city.

To achieve this vision, the City Colleges of Chicago will focus on a common framework, consisting of six strategic levers and a common set of goals, values, and Key Performance Indicators that will be used to measure the success of our plans, help us course correct, and evolve.

This common framework is an extension of the momentum and achievements of the first two years of my tenure, including the Chicago Roadmap, which builds our strongest-ever relationship with CPS. It builds on the critical work we’ve outlined in our strategic enrollment and racial equity plans. And it reflects what we have heard from our students, employees, and communities about where we still have work to do.

This work is the embodiment of an institution that finds its strength in its unified vision and values, and in being seven strong. It represents our path forward.

In reviewing our plans, you will find that City Colleges students are at the heart of them, as they are at the heart of our institution. We know that a caring, welcoming environment is key to their success. We are committed to creating an exceptional student experience from pre-admissions to completion. It is the responsibility of each one of us at CCC.

You will also see our commitment to achieving equity in student outcomes. We will be an institution that is “student-ready” and designed for all students to thrive, and reach their goals by bringing their full selves and unique experiences to class and to our community.
You will see our dedication to fostering a culture of excellence — through continuous improvement, and embracing a growth mindset in all we do.

We are committed to addressing the economic needs of our city. We will be forward-looking and agile in developing pathways and forging partnerships that unlock transformational career opportunities for our students and fuel the Chicago workforce with talent that is prepared to meet the needs of the economy.

We are committed to building a collaborative ecosystem that holds the success of our students at the center. We will work across all colleges, divisions, and functions toward common goals through ongoing communication, seamless processes, and teamwork.

Finally, you will see our intention to improve institutional health measures, and operate with a focus on long-term growth, stability, and sustainability.

We will review and reflect annually on the progress we have made on our strategies and KPI targets, which we set pre-pandemic. The long-term effects of COVID-19 on community college enrollment and student success are uncertain to us all. What is for certain is that COVID-19 will have an impact throughout the life of this plan.

Through these plans, we aim to provide City Colleges and our students strength to weather the challenges that surround us, and come out stronger.

I encourage you to read these documents and get involved – because it is only through a collective effort that we will reach our goals and ensure our talented students reap the rewards of their hard work.

Juan Salgado
City Colleges of Chicago