Learn How to Manage Your Stress This Summer With a Free Course at OHC


Can’t sleep? Mind racing? Experiencing tension or aches and pains?

Over the last year, it’s been especially difficult to avoid the symptoms of stress, whether we experience them at work, at school, or elsewhere in our lives. And while it’s clear the pandemic amplified our stress levels, stress was present in our day-to-day lives pre-COVID, and it will certainly continue post-COVID.

To help Chicagoans develop the tools and skills needed to manage and reduce stress and recharge the mind and body, this summer, Olive-Harvey College is offering a free Stress Management & Resiliency Course, with classes available both online and in-person at Olive-Harvey.

The course is designed to expose students to a holistic approach to stress management and relaxation techniques, with the goal of preventing and/or alleviating the physical and psychological symptoms of feeling overwhelmed. By registering for one of the seven sessions being offered between June 12th and July 17th, participants can take a meaningful step towards learning how to manage their stress levels and boost their resilience in as little as 1-2 meetings.

Regardless of where or why you experience stress, understanding your reaction and learning how to boost your resilience are essential skills that will help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

To register for Olive-Harvey College’s free Stress Management & Resiliency Course today, click here.