In June, We Celebrate Pride Month


City Colleges of Chicago celebrates and recognizes the many contributions made by our LGBTQIA faculty, staff, student body, alumni, and friends, especially during Pride Month. Individual experiences and collective journeys make us stronger, and our mission of accessibility and excellence is front and center. 

June has been designated National LGBT Pride Month in commemoration of the June 29, 1969 Stonewall Inn Riots in New York City.

It was on the evening of the 29th that a group of gay, lesbian, trans, and gender non-conforming patrons decided that enough was enough and stood up against authorities demanding their humanity be recognized, their civil rights honored, and voices heard. While 1969 was a critical moment in the fight for LGBT Equality, it would not be until 2016 when President Barack Obama signed a Presidential Proclamation officially designating June Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month.

At City Colleges of Chicago, we celebrate Pride Month and proudly support all who make this world a better place. 

~ City Colleges of Chicago