From Higher Ed to Hired, City Colleges Students Invited to Register for Free, Five-Week Hiring Event


At City Colleges of Chicago, we’re committed to supporting our city’s residents in advancing both their education and their job prospects. This August, alongside our partners at the City of Chicago, World Business Chicago, and The Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership, City Colleges looks forward to taking part in Hire Chicago, a free, five-week hiring event and initiative.

All throughout the month, Hire Chicago will provide opportunities for Chicagoans to explore their passions and career options through virtual hiring workshops, pre-screening discussions, in-person support, and more. Through our engagement, City Colleges staff members will host virtual career readiness sessions, where attendees can build both the hard and soft skills they need to be competitive in today’s job market.

Each week will focus on one of Chicago’s five high-demand, high-growth industries, which also match to many of our City Colleges’ Centers of Excellence:

  • Week of August 2: Manufacturing
  • Week of August 9: Food Service/Hospitality and Tourism
  • Week of August 16: Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics (TDL)
  • Week of August 23: Healthcare
  • Week of August 30: Technology

City Colleges students, go from higher ed to hired by registering for this one of a kind event today at