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City Colleges of Chicago offers low to no cost programs that put Chicagoans on the path to in-demand careers through its Future Ready program.


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April is Community College Month and City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) invites Chicagoans to explore educational pathways offered at CCC, including scholarship offerings and open houses.

“The past two years have been anything but normal and we know it has disrupted plans to go to college. Now is the time to explore what City Colleges has to offer,” said Juan Salgado, Chancellor of CCC. “We have pathways into some of the fastest growing career pathways that include manufacturing, engineering and computer science, healthcare, hospitality, teaching, cybersecurity, and more.”

Now is the best time to prepare for a new career or get that promotion, and CCC wants to support efforts with a financial boost to Chicagoans wanting to start or resume their college education.

CCC’s Future Ready program will once again be offered this summer. In this program students can earn certifications in high-demand fields at no cost to new students.

New this year, CCC is holding CPS enrollment days on May 17, 18, 19 for CPS high schools to learn about offerings at all seven City Colleges. This is a great opportunity for students to get in-person support on applications and financial aid. This includes information for students at options and charter schools. In addition, high school students can apply for the Star Scholarship for the upcoming Fall CCC term.

Here is what our students said.

In 2021, Marvin Howell graduated from Lincoln Park High School and was accepted into DePaul University. Due to the pandemic, his plans shifted, so he decided to take a gap year. “I was a little perplexed on what to do next when a friend told me about the Star Scholarship program at CCC…it saved my family and me thousands of dollars and gave me some direction on next steps.” Marvin’s career goals vary, but he knows he wants to be in finance and have his own firm, saying “I want to drive an ‘impact investment fund’ and help people transform their lives.” Recently, the Kennedy-King College student was accepted into Citibank’s apprentice program through City Colleges, where he has been working in the automotive group, pairing with an analyst to help them model companies and create pitch decks. “This opportunity is setting me up for a successful career in finance. Apprenticeship programs are game changers.”

“City Colleges of Chicago is an excellent place to feel supported and build a foundation for what you want to do next,” said Antoinette McIntosh, a student in the Paramedics pathway at Malcolm X College (MXC). In 2021, Antoinette graduated from MXC’s 16-week EMT program. “After the EMT program, I got a job right away with an ambulance company but while studying to be an EMT, I realized I wanted to do more so that’s why I applied for the paramedic program at MXC.” Antoinette knows she wants to be a surgeon and has plans to transfer to UIC after her graduation this September.

Applying for scholarships and grant programs is a big part of many college students’ journeys, and City Colleges offers a range of opportunities for Chicagoans seeking to advance their education and job prospects. Visit www.ccc.edu/scholarships or click here to view the funding opportunities.

City Colleges would also like to invite CPS grads to get a jumpstart on their college journey this summer while earning up to $1,000. From June 27 to August 5, new City Colleges students across the city can earn college credit by taking a 3-credit hour college level course and a 1-credit college success course. This will help to ensure their momentum into and through college early in their first year. Additional advising is offered and English tutoring and Math support. To learn more and enroll, click here or email summerstart@ccc.edu.

Upcoming Open Houses

Richard J. Daley College, 7500 South Pulaski Road in Chicago

April 7, 2022

10:00am- 6pm

To register, visit https://events.ccc.edu/event/daley-spring-open-house/


Wilbur Wright College, 4300 N Narragansett Avenue

April 6 (10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.): In-Person Open House – Main Campus

April 6 (6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.): Virtual Open House

April 7 (6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.): In-Person Open House – Main Campus

RSVP/Join Event: https://events.ccc.edu/event/wright-in-person-open-house-3/ or click here