City Colleges of Chicago Receives Renewal of Funds to Support Enrollment of African American Students from South and West Sides


Recently the Board of Trustees of Community College District 508 Cook and State of Illinois passed five resolutions authorizing a renewal of an intergovernmental agreement with Illinois Community College Board to support Kennedy-King College, Malcolm X College, Olive-Harvey, Richard J. Daley, and Wilbur Wright College as they work to enroll African American students from the South and West sides of Chicago.

The Illinois Community College Board provided more than $5 million for associated costs during fiscal year 2022 with the goal of enrolling at least 60% African American students in various educational pathways that include computer science and engineering, healthcare and advanced manufacturing.

The funds will cover tuition, short term training, tutoring, career exploration and employment placement, and increasing career opportunities for African Americans entering employment earning 30% above the regional living wage.

The funds will also support City Colleges as they develop pathways and partnerships that unlock transformational career opportunities for students as well as meet the needs of the economy.

Explore the unified framework and unique college plans that will allow City Colleges to be recognized as the city’s most accessible higher education engine of socioeconomic mobility and racial equity – empowering all Chicagoans to take part in building a stronger and more just city. Read City Colleges of Chicago 2021-2025 Strategic Framework and Plans here.