Class of 2022 graduates stand in front of a white background. Speech bubbles above each person mention their career goals.

Congratulations to the City Colleges of Chicago Class of 2022! We asked our recent graduates to share their plans now that they have earned their associate degree. Their answers will inspire you. From pastry chef to professor, from rapper to radiology tech, our graduates are going places. CCC The Future here:

The last two years have brought new experiences and potential obstacles to City Colleges students. COVID-19 brought quarantines, classes on Zoom, additional work and parenting duties, and the harsh reality of illness and loss. Our graduates remind us that hard work and patience can turn big dreams into reality.

The entire City Colleges of Chicago community wishes our recent graduates well as they begin the next chapter of their lives with diplomas in hand. We encourage our current students to continue on their paths toward greater success.