City Colleges of Chicago Announces Enhanced Resources and New Student Liaisons, more, all in Support of Undocumented Students and the Community, in Accordance with House Bill 3438


City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) in partnership with the Illinois Dream Fund and University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) are pleased to announce enhanced resources available for undocumented students as well as the Colleges’ new Undocumented Liaisons and a CCC District Coordinator position. The Undocumented Liaisons along with strengthened resources will now be available at each college in accordance with House Bill 3438 for academic year 2022-2023 and beyond.

The official announcement was at Harold Washington College on July 29th. Program participants included elected officials, City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) leadership as well as community partners, CCC’s new Undocumented Liaisons and CCC students. Invited guests included leaders from the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois as well as community partners, supporters, and friends.

“Everyone deserves to receive a high-quality education and the chance to follow their dreams,” said State Senator Karina Villa. “By ensuring all students, regardless of background or citizenship status, have access to necessary resources and information, we are setting them on a path to succeed.” (pictured back row)

“The addition of Undocumented Liaisons and District Coordinator will further strengthen our holistic support of our undocumented students. On behalf of City Colleges, I am proud we are able to better support their needs with this inclusive approach along with our partners,” said Juan Salgado, Chancellor of City Colleges of Chicago. “Helping all Chicagoans fulfill their academic goals helps our great City and State prosper.”

City Colleges of Chicago fosters a welcoming environment for all students, regardless of immigration status. Numerous initiatives, both within the institution and in partnership with immigrant-serving allies, work to ensure City Colleges of Chicago responds to new immigration policies affecting our students so they are prepared to pursue their goals and dreams.

“A high-quality college education can open so many doors for students, but some young people are being denied these opportunities and struggle to receive the resources they need through no fault of their own. This bill expands access to academic support services, financial aid, mental health care and more,” said State Representative Maura Hirschauer. “When we connect students to these vital resources, we create more inclusive campuses where people of all backgrounds can thrive and reach their full potential.”

“Having emigrated from Mexico at a young age, City Colleges of Chicago would become my educational lifeline,” said Daniel Lopez, President of Harold Washington College. “I was welcomed with open arms into Harold Washington College as an undocumented student, nurtured by faculty and staff to become its President in service to others, and today, be able to join in the announcement that we can do more. I am very proud to share that we are offering these enhanced resources, tools and guidance to every student in our undocumented communities.”

“Undocumented students deserve the same educational opportunities as anyone else, and House Bill 3438 plays an integral role in making sure that happens,” said state Rep. Dagmara “Dee” Avelar. “The Undocumented Resource Liaisons required by the new law will help undocumented students seek out and receive the support services they need, leveling the playing field and allowing these students to succeed academically.”

“As a representative who has many undocumented residents in my district I am deeply happy that this bill passed. This law will be critical in ensuring that undocumented students have the best chance in receiving the opportunities and resources that they deserve. It’s a maze trying to navigate all the resources and requirements that students must be aware of. These liaisons will be an important asset which I believe will have far reaching benefits for the future of all our undocumented students and mixed status households.”

City Colleges of Chicago has long supported undocumented students with college admissions and resources. More than 90 percent of City Colleges Foundation scholarships are open to undocumented students and the Star Scholarship, which covers up to three years at City Colleges, is also open to undocumented students. In addition, City Colleges of Chicago offers English as a Second Language and High School Equivalency degrees at no cost.  For more information on services available at CCC for undocumented students, visit

The City of Chicago is committed to supporting all of its residents. If students have more questions or want to learn more, call 311 or visit the Office of New Americans website:

HB3438 passed in May of 2021 and requires an Undocumented Student Liaison at every community college and four-year institution who will assist undocumented students and mixed status households with navigating access to resources on college campuses across the state.




Media Contact:  Veronica Resa | City Colleges of Chicago |