City Colleges Recognized by the EPA for Sustainability Efforts


As City Colleges helps our students prepare for the long term, we’re focused on implementing a sustainable vision for our colleges, too. Sustainability is critical to both our academic programming and our operations, from the construction of our buildings to the power we use inside of them.

In fact, our purchasing of green power from wind sources landed City Colleges of Chicago on the “Green Power Partnership Top 30 College & University” list by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). City Colleges is one of only two community college systems named on the list and one of only three colleges in the state of Illinois who were recognized.

According to the EPA’s website, as of July 28, 2022, the combined annual green power use of the agency’s Top 30 College & University Partners amounts to more than 3.7 billion kilowatt-hours of green power. That means these 30 colleges and universities are using more green power each year than the equivalent of about 347,000 average American homes.

City Colleges is a proud part of the Windy City—and we’re proud to use renewable energy to power both our students’ futures, as well as our own. To learn more, visit: