Photo Gallery: City Colleges Launches Chicago Welcome Back Center at Arturo Velazquez Institute


On August 16, 2022, City Colleges of Chicago launched the Chicago Welcome Back Center at Richard J. Daley College’s Arturo Velasquez Institute in partnership with the Welcome Back Initiative and the Chicago Bilingual Nurse Consortium (CBNC).

City Colleges is proud to expand our commitment to equity and opportunity through the Chicago Welcome Back Center, the first of its kind in the Midwest, by helping immigrants with professional degrees obtained abroad gain an Illinois nursing license or other healthcare credential. Together with the CBNC, our goal is to connect immigrants with the resources and support they need to re-enter their profession or establish a related career in the state of Illinois.

City Colleges of Chicago is dedicated to expanding economic opportunity and improving the lives of Chicagoans through education and workforce development. You can learn more about the launch of the Chicago Welcome Back Center here.

View photos from the event: