City Colleges Chancellor Explores Future of Higher Education with College Leaders


City Colleges of Chicago Chancellor Juan Salgado joined a virtual panel of higher education leaders from across the country to discuss the future of higher education on February 23, 2023.

The event, hosted by the national not-for-profit education network Schools That Can®, explored the question: “Where will universities be in five years?” Throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic, pundits and policymakers have made wide-ranging predictions about the future of the higher education system.

To consider those predictions and discuss the future of higher education as an essential component of the K-16 learning journey, Chancellor Salgado joined a distinguished panel of higher education leaders representing private, state, and online colleges and universities.

Chancellor Salgado shared City Colleges’ commitment to creating an exceptional student experience, an idea that guides the vision and mission of City Colleges and has led to increased enrollment over the past year, surpassing state and national averages.

“The very thing that we have been working on in community colleges is the very thing that higher education as a whole needs more today than ever: that connection to community, that openness to work with any and all students, that flexibility and adaptability, and…that partnership,” Chancellor Salgado said.

The event was moderated by Illah Nourbakhsh, the K&L Gates Professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Chancellor Salgado was joined by:

  • Nancy Cantor (Chancellor, Rutgers University Newark)
  • Paul LeBlanc (President, Southern New Hampshire University), and
  • Marsha Lovett, PhD (Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning Innovation, Carnegie Mellon University)

If you missed the live panel event, you can watch the full discussion here.