City Colleges April 2024 Newsletter

April 30, 2024

Read City Colleges of Chicago’s April 2024 newsletter below, or click here to open it in a separate browser. 

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City Colleges Celebrates 2024 Luminary Award Recipients

April 26, 2024

For the past seven years, City Colleges of Chicago has honored those in our community who make our classrooms and offices brighter. From faculty members...

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City Colleges March 2024 Newsletter

March 22, 2024

Read City Colleges of Chicago’s March 2024 newsletter below, or click here to open it in a separate browser.

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Urban Institute and City Colleges of Chicago Collaborate to Improve Data Collection on Parenting Students

March 6, 2024

City Colleges of Chicago joins a cohort of nine grantee colleges, universities, and college systems that will create new or refine existing efforts to collect...

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Mayor Brandon Johnson Joins City Colleges of Chicago, the University of Chicago, and UChicago Medicine to Announce the Expansion of Healthcare Programs and Facilities on the South Side of Chicago

March 5, 2024

CHICAGO - Mayor Johnson joined City Colleges of Chicago, the University of Chicago, and the University of Chicago Medical Center to announce the expansion of...

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City Colleges February 2024 Newsletter

February 29, 2024

Read City Colleges of Chicago’s February 2024 newsletter below, or click here to open it in a separate browser.

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Kennedy-King College Celebrates the History of Soul Food in Chicago

February 27, 2024

At an event Monday afternoon at Kennedy-King College, there was only one thing on the menu: soul food. Immediately upon entering the Great Hall, guests...

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"It's a trip of discovery”: City Colleges Students Depart for First of Several Trips to Africa

February 16, 2024

Malik Harris was walking through the halls of Malcolm X College when he noticed a large white board that read "STUDY ABROAD." The 20-year-old student...

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City Colleges of Chicago Offers Continuing Education AI Courses

February 7, 2024

Classes are taught by industry experts and will be offered on the first two Saturdays of each month from March 2 until May 4 City...

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Olive-Harvey College President Receives Award From State Treasurer During Black History Month Celebration

February 6, 2024

On Monday, February 5, 2024, in honor of Black History Month, Olive-Harvey College President Kimberly Hollingsworth, EdD, received the 2024 Outstanding Commitment in Education Award...

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Multi-State Partnership of 50+ Organizations, Including City Colleges, Awarded up to $160 Million From the National Science Foundation

January 30, 2024

Great Lakes ReNEW, a multi-state partnership led by Current Water, Argonne National Laboratory, the University of Chicago, as well as several other partners including City...

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Olive-Harvey College’s Aziza Darwish Named to University of Chicago’s Civic Leadership Academy

January 12, 2024

The University of Chicago Center for Effective Government (CEG) at the Harris School of Public Policy announced its 2024 class of Civic Leadership Academy (CLA)...

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Read City Colleges' Annual Update – Forward Focused, Community Centered: 2023 in Review

January 11, 2024

2023 was a year of momentum for City Colleges of Chicago. As our seven colleges experienced enrollment gains that exceeded both state and national averages,...

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Wright College Recognized for Comprehensive Community Engagement Efforts

January 8, 2024

The American Council on Education announced today that Wright College has received its 2024 Carnegie Elective Classification for Community Engagement. The classification recognizes colleges and universities...

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Trauma informed hubs reduce Chicago youth incarceration

January 1, 2024

A 65% reduction in youth incarceration between 2005 and 2021 and the closing of two youth prisons during that time are among the great strides...

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Taking Names by Shia Kapos

December 11, 2023

 Juan Salgado, the chancellor of City Colleges of Chicago, received the 2023 Ohtli Award that honors those who empower the lives of Mexican nationals who...

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